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Group Term Life Insurance

Underwritten By New York Life Insurance Company

The Time Is Now

Life insurance isn’t usually on the forefront of people’s minds…until they need it. Whether you’re young and single or married with a family, life insurance is one of the wisest investments you can make for the future—to help ensure that your family will be free from most financial burden in the event of your death.

This Group Term Life Insurance is more than just a death benefit. If you become disabled, you may be able to keep your coverage active without paying premiums (subject to certain terms & conditions). Plus, under the Accelerated Death Benefit1, you can request part of your benefits early to help avoid financial hardship if you become terminally ill.

Overview of Coverage for Group Term Life Insurance*:

  • Up to $500,000 in benefits for members and spouses
  • Coverage until age 70
  • Portable in the U.S.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage
  • Non-smoker rates available
  • No individual targeting for rate increase

Important Questions:

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How long can I keep this coverage?

Unlike employer-based coverage, this coverage is portable--which means that if you change jobs, your coverage does not terminate -- as long as you remain an NJCPA member.

How much coverage should I request?

This is the most important question you could ask. Many experts recommend that you have five times your annual salary to help ensure your family’s financial responsibility is covered. However, every person’s need is different and this estimate isn’t always feasible. Calculate your coverage needs to find the right coverage to meet your needs and your budget.

What happens if I become totally disabled?

The Group Term Life policy includes a Waiver of Premium clause. This insured-friendly feature is built directly into the coverage to keep you insured even if you become disabled(subject to certain terms & conditions).

Do I really need life insurance when I’m young?

Life insurance isn’t just for older generations. As you reach important milestones—like graduating, buying a home, getting married, or having children—it is important to consider how your responsibilities change with each event. Many of these milestones occur while you’re young, so considering life insurance may not be a decision reserved for later in life. Thanks to the group purchasing power of the NJCPA, it may be more affordable than you realize.

Have more questions?

For more information on this coverage – features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations and exclusions – please download the brochure to the right or contact an NJCPA insurance specialist.

Understanding the Application Process

*Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010—Policy Form GMR-FACE-29464.

Michigan Residents: I understand that I may use a producer/agent to assist me with the completion of this application at no cost to me.

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If you wish to apply for this coverage, simply download the brochure and complete the included application. Send it into USI Affinity at 90 Matawan Road, Suite 203 Matawan, NJ 07747-9991.

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